What is ThenWhat?

Almost two years ago, we started developing this concept of 'Impacting the Influencers" for Christ.

As the ministry has developed, so has its scope. Our ministry is reaching out to college and high school coaches, business owners, executives and those who work in collegiate and professional sports. Through our pioneering use of web conferencing, The Integrity Media Network now has an international ministry footprint.

Our "ThenWhat? Moments campaign challenges influencers in our culture to carefully consider the long-term consequences of the decision we make. Our study "Game Planning Great Decision-Making" gives men practical, Biblically-based guidelines for making wise choices.

The decisions we make today will create the pathway to our future. If we learn how to recognize and manage these moments, our lives can be ones of incredibly positive influence.


Become a Network Correspondent

A Network Correspondent at The Integrity Media Network is someone who invests financially into our foundation. Their monthly tax-deductible gifts to this organization make it possible for us to “Impact the Influencers” with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!

Those funds are used to provide the personnel and resources we need to facilitate our personal discipleship programs, on-line book and Bible studies, and evangelistic efforts.

There are several ways our Network Correspondents contribute to this work. Some make one-time gifts. Most others opt to give on a monthly basis. Monthly investments allow us to more accurately establish the budget for this organization.

As a matter of convenience, you can donate on-line. It is safe, secure and easy.

Click the donate link and follow the simple instructions!


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