Donate to The Integrity Media Network

A Network Correspondent at The Integrity Media Network is someone who invests financially into our foundation. Their monthly tax-deductible gifts to this organization make it possible for us to “Impact the Influencers” with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!

Those funds are used to provide the personnel and resources we need to facilitate our personal discipleship programs, on-line book and Bible studies, and evangelistic efforts.

The results are incredible! We have been there as men of influence in our community, with tears flowing down their cheeks, humbly ask Christ to forgive them of their sins.

Many of the men we work with are for the first time understanding, embracing, and fulfilling their role as the spiritual leader of their family.

They are becoming an example for others at their work place to follow.

They are seeking ways to serve their local church!

We want you to join us on this incredible adventure that God has launched!

There are several ways our Network Correspondents contribute to this work. Some make one-time gifts. Most others opt to give on a monthly basis. Monthly investments allow us to more accurately establish the budget for this organization.

To make it easy, we have allowed you to become a Network Correspondent online.

You may also download and print this brochure from The Integrity Media Network which explains is greater detail how to invest in what God is doing through this ministry.

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