• Dividends from Discipline

    Video Series: Check-Points for Victory

    After spending the last three decades covering professional and collegiate sports, I've noticed there are Six Check-Points for Victory that all champions have in common.

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  • Dividends from Discipline

    Dividends from Discipline

    NOBODY likes being disciplined. Most don't enjoy dispensing discipline to others--- especially our kids! Yet, that is exactly what we---and THEY need--in order to experience everything we were created to accomplish. Kentucky basketball player Josh Harrellson's life was changed because his coach cared enough about him to discipline Harrellson when necessary. This is Josh Harrellson's Then What Moment!

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  • Basketball's Big Assist

    Basketball's Big Assist

    Basketball isn't really a religion in Kentucky. It's MUCH more important than that! What happened at a recent basketball game in Louisville provided the setting to show how we can have confidence in the reliability of the Bible. If you or someone you know doubt the credibility of the Bible, share with them this Then What Moment: "Basketball's Big Assist."

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  • Then What Moment: Late-Night Awakening

    Then What Moment: Late-Night Awakening

    We define a "Then What Moment" as a life-altering decision or awakening that changes everything that happens afterwards. Mike and Charlotte discovered their "Then What Moment" late one night when worry over money had robbed them of sleep. This couple learned a Biblical principal that night. Its power unleashed has changed their lives. The story of their "Then What Moment" can change your life too!

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Online WebEx Meetings


This is your invitation to join dozens of "influencers" for a four-part on-line Bible study. Each on-line live discussion group lasts 15-minutes.

To participate, you need three things:
1. Internet access
2. A telephone
3. 15 minutes for four consecutive Wednesday mornings.

Here's another great point: You don't have to leave home or the office to get involved. The on-line discussions will be offered on Wednesday June 9, 16, 25, and 30. The times are 6:30-45am, 7:00-7:15am, and 7:30-7:45am.



The Integrity Media Network, Then What? and How to Help

The Integrity Media Network is expanding its role to 'Impact the Influencers.' Welcome to thenwhat.com where we will expand upon the principles set forth with The Integrity Media Network and develop new ways and tools to reach out to those around us. We want to provide you with resources and direction to help youdiscover how you can enjoy exciting marriages, fulfilling careers and meaningful relationships through Jesus Christ.

There are several ways our Network Correspondents contribute to this work. Some make one-time gifts. Most others opt to give on a monthly basis. Monthly investments allow us to more accurately establish the budget for this organization.

Read more about how to donate

What are Then What? Moments

The purpose of Then What? is two-fold. First, it is a reminder to us all that decisions we make each day not only effect our daily lives, but our futures. Things we decide on today could have a major impact in our life tomorrow or months down the road. Then What? is that reminder, but it's not just for you. It is also a tool to use with your family, friends and colleagues. The decisions we make today do not end and outreach the then and now. Read More

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