Week of June 1, 2010 Study

Newest Study: Points of Impact

There are many areas of life at work and at home in which you have critical influence. We call those Points of Impact. Your core beliefs determine whether the influence you exert upon others is to their benefit or detriment. Our Points of Impact study will help you see where you are and where you are leading others. All you need to participate in this live on-line Bible study is internet access, a telephone, and 15 minutes!

Points of Impact
Live On-Line Study

Tuesday mornings from April 12-May 10
Cost: Free!
To register go to www.ThenWhatMoments.com and click the “Contact Us” Link.

Former fighter pilot Dean Clark knows all about “Points of Impact” from his days firing Sidewinder missiles from his F-16. This husband, father and warrior will demonstrate that what we believe determines how we will lead.

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