Everything you wanted to know about The Integrity Media Network!

The Integrity Media Network is designed to “impact the influencers” in our community.

We define influencers as those people whose professional endeavors, personal charisma, or significant achievements provide to them the privilege of leading those who admire them.

Our initial focus is with media professionals, college and high school coaches, and those who work in the golf business. We have selected these disciplines because the demands of professions such as these often make it difficult to explore the spiritual issues and ideas which are key to experiencing what Jesus called “the abundant life”. That is a life that is full and meaningful. And who doesnʼt want that?

The Integrity Media Network is here to be a resource for influencers. Our mission is to help them discover how we can enjoy exciting marriages, fulfilling careers, and meaningful relationships through Jesus Christ. We base those notions on the time proven principles taught in the Holy Bible.

We can provide these services over a cup of coffee at a cafe or over the internet anywhere in the world! And you donʼt have to be a journalist, coach or golfer to get involved.

If youʼd like to find out how you can become part of what God is doing through The Integrity Media Network, please contact


Impact the Influencers

You are a person of influence. And that means you are impacting the lives of people that perhaps you donʼt even know!

Some people call that being a “role model.” But that phrase is a little worn out. Just ask Charles Barkley.

The former NBA star was heavily criticized a few years ago for saying, "I don't believe professional athletes should be role models. I believe parents should be role models.”

Barkley is right.

And heʼs wrong.

He is correct when he says parents should be role models for their kids. However, heʼs wrong about professional athletes and the rest of us: we donʼt get to opt-out of having influence upon those who look up to us.

The Integrity Media Network wants to help Influencers in our community establish a foundation upon which they can rightly impact others.

Become a Network Correspondent

A Network Correspondent at The Integrity Media Network is someone who invests financially into our foundation. Their monthly tax-deductible gifts to this organization make it possible for us to “Impact the Influencers” with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!

Those funds are used to provide the personnel and resources we need to facilitate our personal discipleship programs, on-line book and Bible studies, and evangelistic efforts.

There are several ways our Network Correspondents contribute to this work. Some make one-time gifts. Most others opt to give on a monthly basis. Monthly investments allow us to more accurately establish the budget for this organization.

As a matter of convenience, you can donate on-line. It is safe, secure and easy.

Click the donate link and follow the simple instructions!

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